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Gon Bops

The Gon Bops legend began in 1954 California when Mexican-American Mariano Bobadilla (born in Guadalajara) – who would go on to become one of the most highly-regarded conga builders in the percussion industry – started designing and building Conga and Bongo drums. A band instrument repairman and professional trumpet player, Bobadilla launched Gon Bops in his father’s old wooden garage in a downtown Los Angeles neighborhood. He chose the name Gon Bops because “Gon” was one of the colloquial expressions of the time, as in, “everything is gone, man” – and “Bops” because his friends nicknamed him Bob, which sounded like “Bop” in the Latino dialect. Today, Gon Bops remains one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of Latin instruments in the world.

Vater Percussion

1964 Ears

Vater Percussion is an American drumstick and percussion accessory manufacturing company. It was founded by Clarence Vater, and is now run by his two sons Alan and Ron Vater. Although the company began producing sticks in 1956, it did not officially become Vater Percussion until much later. The first sticks made by a Vater were made by Jack Adams, in Jacks Drumshop in Boston, Massachusetts. Jacks was one of the first shops to offer custom models, and began producing custom models for Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, and Elvin Jones. In the early to mid 1980's what would become Vater began manufacturing drumsticks for Vic Firth percussion and Zildjian Cymbals. On 10-22-1988 Vater moved their factory to Holbrook, Massachusetts. Three years later the first Vater drumsticks were introduced at a Percussive Arts Society show.

1964 was clearly a pinnacle year for Rock music. Because of this extraordinary year, music going forward would never be the same. Many consider this to be the greatest year in the history of music, but what many do not realize, was this was also a historic year in audio innovation. This was the birth year of the first In-Ear Monitor (Invented by Stephen Ambrose).

This original IEM innovation would be emulated and refined over the years; but only 64 Audio has taken this technology to the heights of where it is today. Whether it be a momentous year or groundbreaking advancements in audio, what makes 64 Audio truly unique is the ability to recognize the significant achievements of the past and let it drive the essence of who they are today.

Belleza Salon & Spa


Established in 1993

Complete Beauty - from Internationally trained hair stylists to the very latest in European Spa techniques.

Remo Percussion


About Remo: Remo D Belli was a percussion pioneer. In 1957, he invented the first successful synthetic Mylar® drumheads, today’s industry standard. For over 60 years, Remo, Inc. has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts. Ultimately, when it comes to our expertise as a drumhead manufacturer, nothing can touch the technical and musical advantages that Remo Drumheads provide.

The Remo story began after WWII, when experiments were being made with Mylar®, a polyester film made by DuPont®. At that time, Mylar® was used during the war as a heat resistant film for nighttime reconnaissance flights. The unusually durable, inexpensive, weather resistant material that provided previously unattainable pitch, tone and consistency intrigued Remo D Belli, an already successful professional drummer. Remo began his legacy with the Weatherking® drumheads, the first commercially successful synthetic drumhead design.

Throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Remo continued to innovate and became the world’s drumhead specialist in virtually every category from percussionists and orchestral timpanists to drum corps, jazz, blues and rock. Technical innovation never before imagined in drumheads reached new heights, thanks to new laminations, processes and coatings found in other Remo firsts such as Controlled Sound™ , Pinstripe®, Smooth White™ , Powerstroke®, Fiberskyn®, Suede®, Renaissance®, Nuskyn®, Skyndeep® and Comfort Sound Technology™ . Understanding how drumheads should be designed, and how they should ultimately sound, soon became our foundation for other applications such as Drumset, Marching, Concert, Recreational, Health & Wellness and World Percussion. In 1983, Remo launched the World Percussion product line using Acousticon® Shells, a 100% recycled wood fiber. The result was more than a revolution in lightweight, durable, great sounding drums. It marked a seismic shift in the availability of a broad range of ethnic drums for the recreational and professional applications, and helped create the global community of drummers today.

Sabian Cymbals


Sabian Cymbals was founded in 1981 by Robert Zildjian. Industry standard for the best cymbals.

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